How To Use The Offshore Markets To Internationalise Your Life

I’ll get sraight to the point – There are some great special offers for you at the end of this mini post so keep reading until the end.

Episode 99 is here and it is a blockbuster of an episode with Mikkel Thorup, author of #1 Amazon Bestseller Expat Secrets and host of The Expat Money Show Podcast.

Mikkel specialises in using offshore markets to internationalise your life.

In this episode we chat about the benefits of having dual nationalities, how you can benefit from being offshore, whether Fort Knox is actually empty (wat do you think?) along with macroeconomics and Mikkel’s blockbuster International Seminar that is being held on 1st June 2020.

This wide ranging conversation was probably the most fun that I have had on a Podcast to date.

One of the reasons for exploring these wide ranging subjects is that I aim to purchase abroad at somepoint in the future. The other half is Mexican and we have taken a lot of time to analyse moving abroad and the Mexican housing market/Latin Amerian life.

To be honest, when the long and dark winters in the UK are so energy sapping – who doesn’t like the idea of being abroad in 35 degree heat, enjoying the sun and sitting in the park having a cigar, just aimlessly watching the world go by.

Plus, there is no point having a ‘Property Nomads’ brand if you are going to stick to one place right?

Just for reading this mini post and for listening to the show – Mikkel has given you some special offers.

When you check out – and buy something then enter 20NOMADS at the checkout. (This code will give you 20% off of products)

For the Expat Secrets book – click here

For the Expat Money Show –

For the Escape Artist blog –

Remember to catch The Property Nomads Podcast for it’s 100th episode – due out on Monday 18th May 2020.

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