The Offshore Summit Starts Tomorrow

Are you ready for tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the first day of the brand new online offshore summit: Offshore Escape 2020

Over 25 bonafied experts in the offshore space present their unique experiences, tactics, and strategies over a period of 5 days for anyone looking to move offshore in 2020 or beyond. 

With topics ranging from citizenships, to reducing tax liability, to what it means to be a sovereign individual, and is now the time to purchase Gold – the Offshore Escape conference has it all covered.

So, set a timer in your calendar or on your phone for 15:00 tomorrow (June 1st, GMT) where the first session is made available: 

“Building your Economic Lifeboat” by Chris Temple

Chris has been active in the financial services and investment world for over 40 years, and with uncertain times looming now is the best time to consider how you can equip yourself, and your finances for any upcoming disruptions, recessions or even great depressions like the one in 1929.

With COVID-19 causing chaos and destruction to the markets, productivity, and companies around the globe there is nothing more urgent than figuring and building your financial contingency plans.

The remaining sessions going up tomorrow are:

The Massive Mistakes We Make When We Buy Property Overseas And Three Simple Ways to Avoid Them by Mike Cobb, CEO of ECI Development

European Residency & Citizenship by Investment by Laszlo Kiss, founder of Discus Holdings Ltd.

Moving From a Death Economy to a Life Economy by John Perkins, NYT Best-selling author, and former Chief Economist for one of the major international consulting firms.

How To BE A Sovereign Individual FAST by Warren Black, Offshore Tax and Wealth Protection Specialist, Wealthsafe

This is by far the biggest offshore conference online that I’ve seen, so be sure to go check it out tomorrow.

Grab your free ticket here –

Rob + Aaron

PS: Each presentation is available for only 24 hours with the free ticket, so be sure to swing by tomorrow and check out the presentations mentioned in this email.

If you prefer to watch these on your own schedule, you can get lifetime access with the VIP Ticket. Plus you get awesome bonuses to go with it.

More information:

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