The biggest online offshore event of the year

I would like to introduce my friend and colleague, Mikkel Thorup. (He was interviewd on Episode 99 of The Property Nomads Podcast). He is one of the principal members at, one of the longest running websites in helping people move offshore, and the Host of The Expat Money Show.

I have some exciting news from Mikkel.

For the last few months he’s been busy working on creating the biggest and best online summit in the offshore space. This is crucial for investors, expats, digital nomads, and anybody who wants to pursue location independence as well as financial and political freedom.

And now it’s finally here!    

It’s called: 

Offshore Escape: Moving your Business, Investments, and Life Offshore in 2020

Offshore Escape is a 5-day online summit, starting June 1st, with 26 expert speakers with decades of experience in offshore investing, asset protection, tax reduction, wealth building, international real estate and much more!

The great thing about the summit is the wealth of information, which you get access to at a fraction of what it would cost to get a private consultation with any of the speakers.

(Assuming you could even get a consultation in the first place!)

But, you don’t need to worry about that, or the cost..

You see, the Offshore Escape Summit is FREE to attend! 

All you need is to grab your free ticket here:

You’ll then have a limited access, 24 hour window after each session is released to watch it and take as many notes as you possibly can!

See you there,

Rob Smallbone

PS: Mikkel has come up with something incredible at the Offshore Escape Summit, and this event will serve as an accelerator for people looking to regain some privacy and control over their lives.

Here’s the link again:

As someone that is comtemplating moving to Mexico – this summit is going to be fantastic and I look forward to seeing you there!

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